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ResMed is a San Diego, California-based medical equipment company. It primarily provides cloud-connectable medical devices for the treatment of sleep apnea (such as CPAP devices and masks), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and other respiratory conditions. As a top-5 global producer[citation needed] of hospital-to-home ventilators, ResMed has produced over 150,000 ventilators and bilevel devices to help treat the respiratory symptoms of patients with COVID-19. ResMed also provides software to out-of-hospital care agencies to streamline transitions of care into and between these care settings for seniors and their care providers (i.e. home health, hospice, skilled nursing facilities, life plan communities, senior living centers, and private duty).


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Shipping Clerk ll (Former Employee) says

"I was initially excited about Resmed after walking the facility but after the 2nd month you start to see why the turnover rate is high. Managers will require employee to work mandatory 12hr shift while they leave after 8. Will force mandatory weekends 10hrs+ Saturday and Sunday and will write you up for not coming. No work/life balance and HORRIBLE management Cons: No life, 12hrs shifts 6 days a week, Management sucks"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Two faced, back biting, poorly ran! Do not work here the management thinks things are smooth but there is so much gossip and outright manipulation it is a very toxic place to work!"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Hate it all gossip hate the managers hate the hours they treat call center people horrible. Cons: All"

conductor de grua ambulancia y grua (Former Employee) says

"mala desordenada descuenta plata de mas y desordenada la administración"

production (Former Employee) says

"I started with ResMed in Duncan SC on April 14,2014. I was told would not be laid off until Jan 2014. we,the temps went into work on Monday July 21,2014, guess what our badges did not work---well, we got in anyway just to find out we no longer worked there...ResMed did not let us know nor did they tell the temp service we worked for...The manager was married, but that did not stop him for putting his picture on a black singles dating site and also said he was divorced. What kind of manager does this????There was some people there that only caused trouble, one evan went to the point of telling lies about people. They think we don't know who they are, but we do.... Cons: there is always bad people no matter where you work, but to lie on someone is the worst person ever.."

Distribution Contributor (Former Employee) says

"Very poor operations management, mandatory overtime, zero training, unsafe work environment, antequated technology systems, extremely arrogant middle management and upper management, 30 minute lunch break, very high employee turnover, reverse racial discrimination, very poor human resource management, unskilled employees operating dangerous equipment, multiple system platforms that do not communicate between production and distribution. Right after the very first day I was hired, long time empoyees that I spoke with, warned me about the operations of this company. They were right. My overall experience has been miserable. Definite hostile work environment. This is a company that rings the last bit of energy out of your body and soul. In this economy, it makes it easy for them to throw out a little honey and take advantage of the right to work laws in SC through at will employment and the 40 hour work week before paying overtime. A typical day starts with going in with a mind set of knowing that management has to dismiss you before you can leave. Cons: too many to list, but the main con on this company is that you are expendable."

Technician (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management, Management likes to hire their favorite person even though he/she doesn't meet minimum job requirements, They always force you to hit KPI, no motivation for quality work. This company doesn't care about hard working people. Only management is important for them. Current HR is very bad, she has bad attitude. Cons: Terrible HR & management, Unprofessional & uneducated management, No value of non-management workers unless you are a special person."

Datenerfasserin (Former Employee) says

"Ich war über eine Zeitarbeit dort und die Teamleitung bewertete ihr Team nach mögen und nicht mögen, und nicht nach Leistung. Zeitarbeiter werden nicht zur Teambesprechungen dazu geholt sowohl auch "mindere" Arbeiten übertragen als den Resmed-Mitarbeitern. Teamleitung war mehr am Handy als ihre Aufgaben selbst zu erledigen. Absolut unfreundlich und man kommt sich als ZA mehr wie ein Sklave vor. Raucher von ZA mussten ihre Pausen einstempeln, Interne Taten dies häufig nicht und wurde auch da unterschieden. Nach mir gingen auch noch mehrere. Absolut nicht zu empfehlen! Cons: Keine Zusatzleistung"

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn’t recommend this company horrible job they over work u if u have a family u barely get to spend time with them because u never know wen u are going to get off they don’t pay enough for us to work the long hours management are snakes .. be on the look out for a 2nd shift lead kareem marshal he is a snake & well set u up Cons: Long hrs lack of pay management"

Shipping and Receiving Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Be prepared to work 12 hours a day 6 days a weeks. This company is very unorganized and unprofessional. There’s two supervisors here who need to be fired immediately Kareem and Hayden. They are the most terrible management I’ve ever seen at a job. Kareem is the worst supervisor I have ever encountered he’s very rude and inconsiderate. Hayden is also a bad supervisor, if you ask him a question about something, he will tell you to go see someone else every timeI wouldn’t recommend ResMed at all. The pay is not equal to the amount of hours you will work every week."

SHIPPING CLERK II (Current Employee) says

"Rate is extremely unrealistic and the pressure to make it by management will have you constantly stressing about losing your job. The amount of work they expect you to do for the little amount of money they pay is ridiculous. Cons: Management and pay wage is a joke"

Former employee (Former Employee) says

"I was excited when I first got this job. As time went by, I realized that my experience there was not going to be a good one. First of all, there is NO work/life balance!! 12 hour night's are the norm. I also feel that unless they get some better management, the huge turnover that they already have will increase. Most of them have no empathy for the people who are really the backbone... The employees!!!!"

Senior Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"When the product development group was told that there is not to be any complaining, as there are jobs elsewhere, we all thought it was a joke. Turned out it wasn't a joke. It is no longer a fun place to work and decisions are made in secret meetings that only the privileged few attend. And Quality team members are not a valued asset, they are only tolerated because Resmed believes FDA guidelines requires the work to be done, otherwise they would not have jobs. Do not recommend. Cons: Top down. Secret decision making processes. Do not value employees in Product Development."

Marketing communications (Former Employee) says

"Great pay and beautiful building, cafe and gym. However, if managers/directors have no people skills and treat staff like garbage, all of the bells and whistles are just window dressing. Some managers are great, but others should just be leading a dept. of one. Top leadership is disconnected from reality. Everyone works in silos with no communication across department lines. New hires are thrown to the wolves and it is literally sink or swim. Very hard to break into culture. Cons: Poor communication and directors only caring about themselves"

Picker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"This company need to be on top of list of companies in Atlanta who you need to run from. No advancements for minority’s. NONE. CEO of company knows what go on here. There are to many minority’s here with education and degrees who are way experience. Than who they have in management within this company. If you are looking for promotions within a company. Dont work here. You will regret this move. Cons: Micromanaging"

Resupply Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"All about who you know , not how you perform. They allow married couple to work together, HR doesnt look into complaints. Unfair work environment. Remote workers are not kept informed- in the loop. Cons: No one cares if you do your job or not"

Training Manager (Former Employee) says

"When I started with the company there was great leadership in the contact center. However there is a new VP there now and it is stressful - back stabbing."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"This company was great to work for until ResMed 3.0. Then it was all about the money, no incentives, no support for your workers, get worked so hard that you have to take sick leave because they have you in a one person office, telling you that you cannot call in sick."

Clinical Research Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Management is atrocious! They have no idea how clinical research is run. They micro manage, they have you running around putting out one fire after another. And they have no idea how to prioritize. The company it self is wonderful but the Medical Affairs department needs some major work. Cons: management doesn't help you grow nor do they give you direction on what they want."

Picker (Former Employee) says

"You come home tired and overworked over time is mandatory or you can be terminated. You can't speak on anything or get terminated. It seems your job is always threatening. Cons: Managent and favortism is a issue."

Michael Wilkinson says

"My resmed machine s9h5i is rancid after 1 day!!! Such a shame that on excellent motor can have a humidifier with so many germ traps. Other models really don't have these issues. I can literally see worms of bacteria floating i the water after 1 day. DiSGUSTING! Imagine what this thing is forcing into your.lungs. poor design!!!"

Suraj pandey says

"they not refunding my 1500 INR ):"

Andrew Redmond says

"I recently purchased a Resmed S+ (unopened from ebay). As is common, on setting up my account it said I would receive an email to validate my account. The email never arrived. The device worked great for the first few nights and then a message popped up to say I couldnt use it any more as I hadnt validated my account. I contacted customer services only to be told they had stopped supporting the device and quoting the Calafornia Consumer Privacy Act as in someway making this OK!!!
Despite several emails I continue to get to help whatsoever and am left with no alternative but to take Resmed to the small claim court to claim compensation for there act of sabotage on a product I was happy with until there intervention."

Martin Miles says

"I have two red med machines which work well. Recently I tried to buy a spare part for the tubing (AirMini P10 mask air outlet part). After contacting resmed they told me that, rather than selling it to me or sending me the part, they can only apologise for not selling it in Europe and that I must buy the whole mask and accessories at more than £150 or buy from USA with the extra cost, risk etc that that involves. Shame that an otherwise good product is let down in this way."

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